As a not for profit society we rely on the support of others to provide Quality Enhancement Programs, purchase new equipment and expand services to our community. See our current priorities below. We are a registered Charity. All donors receive a tax receipt.

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” ~ Anonymous

Providing outstanding, compassionate dementia care can be expensive. Glacier View Lodge needs your help to enhance the quality of care provided to our residents and program clients.

Our current funding priorities include:

Book of Lights

Each year, as we light up the lights at Christmas, we begin a new Book of Lights campaign to raise funds for the coming year’s special project.

Past funds raised through the Book of Lights have been directed to a variety of programs.  In 2018 donations allowed the Lodge to replace some 36 year old shade awnings; the year before $25,000 was donated to replace lounge and dining room furniture in one of the care units.  Community clients and residents alike benefited from the project in 2015; specialty bathing equipment was replaced and décor in our “Spa Room” updated.

In 2019 our goal is to raise $30,000. to enhance our Restorative Care Program.

Many of you may recall that in August, we were able to fill the dream of several residents: tubing down the Courtenay River.  Through development of a comprehensive restorative care plan, we were able to make this wish come true, in no small part due to the volunteer assistance of many staff, family and members of the Courtenay Search and Rescue team.

Glacier View Lodge’s Restorative Care Program is quite unique amongst care providers.   The development of our program was inspired by the needs of people who came to live at the Lodge.  The first was a lady with a spinal cord injury who dreamed to walk again, and did, through an intensive program and the use of adaptive equipment.  Another younger man participated in the program and was eventually able to return to life in our community.

Not all Restorative Care activities are so grand.  Most activities involve supporting people on a day to day basis to retain or restore as much independence as possible.  This is achieved through participation in walking and fitness programs, and the use of specialized equipment.  This is so impactful to the people who are able to once again find the freedom to stand and walk or participate in much loved activities.  Our goal of living life to the fullest never diminishes.

Eden Project

Following the teachings of Dr. William Thomas, founder of the Eden Alternative Project, the Lodge is striving to become an even more vibrant place for our residents to live.

Glacier View Lodge is committed to creating a human habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with plants, animals and people of all ages. It is these relationships that provide the young and old alike with a pathway to a life worth living.  Knowing that loneliness, helplessness and boredom account for the bulk of suffering among our elders, we have been working to create a more stimulating environment that allows for spontaneous interactions.  In many ways, we are bringing the Eden Philosophy principals to life.

You can help “Sponsor a Pet” by donating just $5 each month . 

Loving companionship is the antidote to loneliness. Elders deserve easy access to human and animal companionship.  We all know the joy and comfort that pets bring into our own lives.  This is even more important for our seniors.   Your gift of $5 a month will help us to fund the food, equipment and veterinarian care that our pets require to stay happy and healthy.

Enhancing Quality of Life

You can “Support a Program” with a donation of $10 or more each month.

Did you know that not all of the programs at Glacier View Lodge are funded by our health authority? Many of our vital programs such as Music Therapist and Restorative Care, that enhance quality of life, depend upon grants and donations.

Please call the Lodge directly if you would like to discuss how your gift is directed.

An Elder-centered community imbues daily life with variety and spontaneity by creating an environment in which unexpected and unpredictable interactions and happenings can take place This is the antidote to boredom.  The “Support a Program Fund” will help us support  quality enrichment programs such as gardening, restorative care and Music Therapy.

“Music has the power to touch us all, at any stage of life.  Music moves past the effects of disease and resounds in the heart.   Music allows us to feel and move, and if the right song is chosen, to be able to recall and express past memories.”   Liz Friis

Want to watch about the power of music in the life of the Lodge? Please see our video at


Thank you!

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