Resident Safety for Families

Family Resources - Resident Safety Information for Families

Living in a residence presents some different safety issues than at home. In order to keep both residents and staff safe, we have some simple policies we need everyone to follow.

Suitable room furnishings

  • please do not bring chairs that swivel or rock
  • no carpets or area rugs
  • no furniture that blocks pathways, presents a trip hazard or limits the room available for care.
  • no furniture with glass doors
  • no appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators.  These appliances will be available for use in wing lounges.

If in doubt about suitable items, please ask our Nursing staff.

Please ensure that electrical appliances such as lamps, televisions or cd players brought to the facility are in good condition, CSA approved and safe for use.

Pet Visitation

Family pets are welcome to visit, providing they are compatible with facility cats, are well behaved, remain on leash while at the Lodge and have had their required vaccinations.


Glacier View Lodge cannot be responsible for replacement of lost or damaged personal items, such as televisions, hearing aids, eye glasses, or dentures.  Please arrange for these items to be labeled.  In addition, we suggest that you purchase personal contents insurance. While looking into insurance for contents, we recommend insurance for hearing aids, glasses, and dentures, all of which are costly to replace.

It is recommended that money not be kept in resident rooms.  We have charge systems at our Tuck Shop, Hairdresser, during cocktails and on outings to reduce the need to carry cash.

Refrain from bringing items that could pose harm to others (ie. weapons, pocket knives or power tools) or items of great monetary or sentimental value.

Resident Whereabouts

Knowing the whereabouts of our residents is essential. If you’re taking a resident out, please let staff know and sign out at the Nursing Station.   Please do not assist other residents out or offer lifts to town.

If we are unable to locate a resident, we will be calling the RCMP. We have a door-alert system for those who tend to head for the exits and who would not be safe unattended outside. Visitors may hear an alarm at the door or be unable to enter when such a resident is near the doorway.

Infection Control

We encourage families and friends to visit, but please don’t bring germs with you. If you have a cough, cold, or flu symptoms, please visit on another day when you’re feeling better.   Hand washing is recommended both on your way in to visit and on your way out.   A Hand-washing station is located at the Reception office.

During flu season, we adhere to the VIHA policies for the prevention of flu epidemics. If you have not had a flu shot, yourself, you are encouraged to wear a mask during your visit.

In case of an illness outbreak in the facility, you may not be able to visit in person.

Medication Safety

For accurate monitoring and resident safety, we require that all medications come from our pharmacy and are administered by a staff nurse. On admission, you will be asked to give the nurse any and all medications you have with you. We also ask that family do not provide any medications, herbal remedies, or over-the-counter drugs to any residents when you visit.

Falls Prevention

Our staff is always on the look out to prevent residents from falling. On admission, please provide the nurse with any information regarding recent falls at home.

We ask that the resident have good fitting footwear with non-skid soles. Please avoid the gift or use of talcum powder as it contributes to a slippery surface. If you see a spill, please help to keep the area safe by wiping it up. Scatter rugs are not recommended in the rooms.

We like to keep residents as active as possible. Doing so may require a Physio, Occupational Therapist, walker, wheelchair, or other wheeled chair. Resident or family are responsible for the costs associated with these services or equipment.

Food and Alcohol Safety

Many of our residents have food allergies or swallowing difficulties. Visitors bringing in specialty foods are asked to check with the staff before sharing food items with residents.

Alcohol for residents is kept by and dispensed by the nurse or stored with the Activity staff for delivery during the weekly cocktail hour. We have a ‘no drink & drive’ policy.  For the safety of others, motorized wheelchairs may not be operated following the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Scooters are not allowed for indoor use, but can be used on the grounds. Power wheelchairs may be used indoors with permission and an annual OT assessment. Permission is based on demonstrating a need and safe operation.


We have a policy of least restraint, which means limiting the resident’s freedom of movement is a last resort and will be discussed with physician and family before implementing. Restraints include using belts, ties, or trays to keep someone in a chair or side rails to keep someone in bed.


Glacier View Lodge is a non-smoking facility.  We strongly recommend investigation of smoking cessation programs with your relative’s physician prior to admission. Visitors are not permitted to smoke on the premises.

Fire Safety

All electrical appliances brought into a resident’s room should be CSA approved.

Please help to avoid having too much clutter in the resident’s room, keeping in mind staff safety when providing care and in the event of evacuation during a fire.

Should visitors arrive when a fire alarm is ringing, we ask that they do not enter the building until the alarm situation is resolved.

Disaster Planning

All health care facilities in VIHA are required to have a disaster plan in case of earthquake, flood, prolonged power failure, and other natural disasters. In the event of such a disaster or full building evacuation, the priority would be the safety of staff and residents. Information would be available to families through the Community Emergency Response Team.

Updated: Nov. 2013