Our Logo

History of Glacier View Lodge Logo

Glacier View Lodge was named for the Comox Glacier, part of the Beaufort range that runs the length of Vancouver Island. Our facility has a lovely view across the Comox Valley to the Glacier. Our original logo was an artist’s depiction of the Glacier.

LOGO 2009

Our current logo includes the Comox Glacier and adds other symbols of our philosophy of caring.

Logo Glacier View Lodge
  • The Circle is symbolic of our Glacier View Lodge community of residents, family, staff and volunteers. It also symbolizes our commitment to work in partnership with Vancouver Island Health Authority and other community services to provide quality residential care to Valley residents.
  • The Dogwood Blossoms at the center of the circle represent not only our natural setting, but also our long held belief that in order to provide quality complex care we need to have a home environment that is resident and family centered.
  • The Butterfly speaks of the transformational process that we, as a facility, have experienced since our doors opened in 1982. It also honours those members of the Women’s Institute who in 1946 had a vision for a home for Senior Citizens in the Comox Valley.
  • With all symbols together this lovely picture represents our holistic approach to providing care in a caring environment. We believe that everything we do in the care of residents is of significance and that all phases of life are sacred